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Robin Dhanwani
Founder / Product Designer
Robin brings in about 7 years of experience in the digital space and has consulted over 50 companies on digital product design & branding.
UI Designers in Bangalore
Chaitanya Alluru
Interface Designer
Chaitanya is the Design hacker on our team who follows conventions and standards like a ritual. He feels that he has so many things to learn, but so little time.
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Bhaghya Mathew
Bhaghya is an illustrator and comic artist who loves to travel and try new things. She hopes to get an unlimited supply of reeses some day.
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Sreenath Kotteri
Interface Designer
Sreenath is a Visual Communication graduate whose love for gadgets, games and apps made him want to design interfaces.
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Allan Gomes
Front-End Developer
Allan is the goan boy in the team who decided to step out of the simple Susegad lifestyle to Bangalore’s madness to work with a Startup and do some great work.
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UX manager
Juhi is an engineer turned designer. She believes that coffee can solve all your life's problems. She prefers dogs to humans :-D
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Ananya Neogi
Front-End Developer
Ananya is the youngest developer in the team who didn't join rat race and chose to work with with a startup. She is a proud bibliophile who swears by Nutella and wishes to go to Hogwarts someday!
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Interface Designer
Dinesh is an animator by training and interface designer by destiny. He likes big books and he cannot lie. If he looks serious behind a laptop screen, he is probably on Reddit.
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Bharat Kumar
Interface Designer
Bharat is an engineer turned designer who has a nag for understanding business problems. He is a complete Biryani buff and that’s the secret to keep him going.

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