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You’ll love it here

At Parallel Labs, you will work with a small but diverse team of problem solvers. We are all very passionate about what we do and choose to show it in our own ways.

We are generally picky about our projects, but the ones we do choose to take up, light us up like neon signs. This allows us to truly give it our all. On the other side of our phones, our clients consist of people with interesting questions who recognize the value design (and you!) add to their business. We’ve worked hard at building the ideal workspace to bring out the best in everyone. We couldn’t care less about the tools and software you choose as long it helps you build some great stuff.

If bad design keeps you up at night and if you dream in code, we think you’re going to fit right in.

For those who are driven by passion and not perks

But let’s face it, some kickass perks won’t hurt.

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Exciting Projects

We don’t take up anything that is boring and mediocre

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Diverse Team

Get to work with a diverse team with Business, Design and Technical Skills

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Zen Office Space

An office space that provides a chilled out environment to think, do and unwind with lots of sunlight and an amazing view

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We take care of your hunger pangs with our pantry stocked with snacks and a Cappuccino Maker

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Work Hard Play Hard

We don’t let work feel like work with flexible timings, foosball and Xbox

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Great Tools for your Craft

Everyone gets a macbook, high end monitors and latest softwares/resources

Here’s what your future team-mates have to say about us

What do you like to do?

Front End DeveloperFull time . Bangalore

Build exciting products in a design driven technology team

The only thing that matters is your craft.

We don’t bother about your degrees, process and X years of experience.