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We are a UX design and innovation consultancy that helps companies build great products. We work as your extended team and bring in a mix of strategy, design & technology.

Design Sprint Stories


Drastically increasing conversions by a rejig of on-boarding workflow

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Urban Piper

Re-designing a complex product for restaurants ground-up


Revampimg product for a Drone Analytics App


Exploring viability of a radical & risky business idea in a week

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Team Indus

Crowdfunding Strategy and UX Workflows to fund a moon mission


Product Design and Validation for a DevOps - Storage Platform

Progress Over Perfection

Let’s start by bursting a bubble. There is no “perfect” product. A product is ever-evolving and ever-changing.

You can try and chase after this mythical beast, sinking precious time and money and in the end have little to show for it. But know that while you are on this vain quest, someone else is going after the right product, capitalising on the market, making investors happy and most importantly, making products and services that people are currently using.
At Parallel Labs, we make better, not perfect.

We’re lean, we’re fast and by the time we’re done testing with the users, we’re practically their children’s godparents. We specialise in delivering results that would normally take months, in a matter of weeks. We are an organisation that doesn’t skip leg day at the gym, so we can keep two paces ahead of your competitors every time.

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