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Revampimg product for a Drone Analytics Application

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"We helped Aspecscire take this product from an idea to a global product used by top companies"

Creating the world’s simplest website builder

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We seek their counsel on a regular basis, and I'm happy to recommend Parallel Labs to anyone looking for cutting edge product design and user experiences.
— Arun Gadiraju, CEO @ Boomer

What our clients say

Having worked with designers and UX specialists all over the world, I can safely say that Parallel has an international quality eye for design and workflows for a superior user experience. They are able to understand complex business use cases and come up with intuitive design solutions. Their openness, attitude and collaborative style, which are unusual for a designer make it a pleasure to work with them. They are fun, likable and creative.

Arun Gadiraju


CEO at Enchanting Travels

Working with Parallel was a refreshing experience, really bringing the Credit Insights platform to life. Their methodology, the involvement to understand nuances on what we wanted our customers to take away and adhering to a tight timeline made the collaboration easy and productive. The team was very responsive, addressing queries and helping to further improve the product right up to go live and beyond.

Arun Gadiraju

Divya Mirchandani

VP, Product Development at Equifax

Parallel has been a partner in helping Boomer evolve as a product for a long time now. We love their approach of using design sprints approach to solve problems and it has had a big impact on improving our product experience. They take a larger picture view of the problem being tackled, brainstorm to find all alternate solutions, asks tough questions that force clarity, and gets the team focused on the right things.

Arun Gadiraju

Arun Gadiraju

CEO & Founder at Boomer

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Design Jam with TTC Labs by Facebook
We did our third design jam with #ttclabs by Facebook and we thought it's about time we wrote about it.
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We believe in solving the right problems and delivering value faster.
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The old school design agency model is broken.

Does over promising pitches, hefty retainers, months of research, endless calls to arrive on consensus sound familiar? All this in a vain quest for that elusive “perfect product”.

The world no longer works like that. And you shouldn't have to pay the price for outdated processes.

At Parallel, we make better, not perfect. We specialise in delivering results that would typically take months, in a matter of weeks. With only 10 members, our team is lean, agile and pragmatic just like our designs. We help you validate assumptions and launch product & services while your competition is running circles around the drawing board to decide “Is this the right colour for our brand?”

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Parallel is not a traditional design agency but an antithesis of one.
We create better products, faster for clients like Facebook, Equifax and more.