What we do

1 Product Strategy

Tough questioning and breaking through biased assumptions helps transform napkin sketches to products. We work closely with various product stakeholders to understand and define the product roadmap and strategy.

2 UX Design

There is more to it than meets the eye. Interactions and workflows that simplify complex problems are the foundation of an intuitive User Interface.

3 Interface Design

Aesthetically appealing visual designs and meaningful interactions give life to well thought prototypes. We not only create screens but also design systems that extend your brand

4 Front-end Development

Good Front-end Development is often the missing ingredient resulting in below par User Experiences. With a strong development team that understands design, we write pixel perfect Front-end code and take care of fine interactions that make a difference.

Small Steps

Choosing the right design partner is tough. It’s not only about the portfolio and clients but also about matching synergies and the quality of engagement between teams. Hence, we suggest starting with these mini engagements to take a first step to explore the synergies and value we can add without getting locked in.

Strategy Call/Workshops

A laser focussed strategy session to get unbiased and expert feedback.

  • Avoid potential mistakes
  • Evaluate multiple approaches
  • Get Expert feedback

Single Feature Revamp

Score a quick win by solving one key problem area of your application.

  • Create a big impact with small efforts
  • Launch and iterate fast

UX Audit

Before taking a leap into revamping an application, go for a comprehensive UI audit and know what needs to be fixed.

  • Identify critical design flaws
  • Actionable plan for improving your UI/UX
  • Incredibly useful PDF report with a screen-by-screen teardown

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