Digital strategy and design for ideas that make a difference

Parallel Labs is a strategy and design consulting firm that helps companies build positive change through better products. We are researchers, designers, technologists, startup enthusiasts and social entrepreneurs who partner with organisations at different stages and devise solutions in diverse sectors.

Our values guide our process

A single process doesn’t fit every project. We let our values guide us on the road to great work and building successful products.

We are a startup at heart

You won’t have to explain to us what things like Bootstrapping and MVP mean. We love playing Devil’s advocate, challenging your assumptions just enough that you still like us.

We are not an agency

We neither pitch nor sell. We will work as your extended team and make sure we understand your business inside-out. All of our UX is done in-house because that’s what works. We partner with teams we believe in.

We are pragmatic, lean and fast

We know what it takes to build good products, fast. Our processes are designed to allow clients to ship, launch, test and iterate. Our model relies on just the right amount of research and plenty of business and market insights.

We walk along the last mile

Our job doesn’t end at providing wireframes or design files. Whether it’s sharing production ready front-end code or testing products with end-users, we do all it takes to have the experience be exactly as we envisioned it.

Ready to make your products better?

We would love to know more about your product challenges & how sprints could help.