Digital gifting is still at a very nascent stage in India and that’s where Treatr saw an opportunity to create a product which makes sending and redeeming gift cards a breeze as well as fun.

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Getting Real - Redefining the Product to make it simple and practical

Treatr team already had very detailed wireframes of the entire workflow with tons of features and they were looking to build an MVP that too with a dev partner. That’s how we came into the picture.

Although it wasn’t what we were hired for, but like always we ended up questioning why behind the product architecture. So, over a series of product strategy workshops, we helped redefine the product, making it simpler by removing what was not needed in an MVP and bringing better ways of on-board and card redemption.

Material Principle and not guidelines

With Google’s Material design becoming mainstream, it witnessed a mass adoption but soon all applications started looking same as designers were using the reference examples shared in Google’s design language. But material design is a design system which if applied intelligently can create interesting and distinct applications. Therefore, we decided to experiment by using material design principles and extended it with our own imagination.

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Illustrated Walkthroughs to evoke expression of sending gift

Gifting is an emotive experience and the application needed to bring that for new users on-boarding the app. Hence, we developed the squirrel used in the Treatr logo as a mascot and extended it further to create illustrated walkthroughs, explaining features of the application.

Illustrated ScreensIllustrated ScreensIllustrated ScreensIllustrated Screens

Simple and sleek on-boarding

Although extremely simple and clean, we made these on-boarding screens look sleek with the right combination of colors, layout and typography.

Treatr ScreensTreatr Screens

Allowing redemption of cards instantly on phone without having to download app

To make redemption of gift cards easy and keep it secure, we create a mobile web workflow where users can redeem their cards by just entering a OTP sent to their mobile phones.

Redemption of Gift CardsRedemption of Gift CardsRedemption of Gift Cards

Personalizing gifts with picture and a voice message

To make the gift more personal and emotive, we created a personalised experience, comprising of the ability to add a picture and a voice message along with the gift.

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Parallel Labs brought a fresh approach to design, considered practical use cases and had a completely hands-on approach in coming up with a great customer friendly design for our product. Overall we loved working with the team and we strongly recommend them for UI/UX design.

Srinivas Mothey, Founder

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