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India is on the verge of an opportunity which if not tackled could turn into a crisis. 64% of India’s population is expected to be in the working age group of 15-59 years by 2026 and India will have the largest English speaking population in the world overtaking United States. Yet, 30% of India’s youth are neither employed nor in education or training. With the government’s big push towards economic reforms and Make in India initiative, the services sector and manufacturing both needs skilled workers.

Talentify is trying to play its role in this larger problem by creating a digital platform which has high quality localised content that is aimed at a target audience of college students with special emphasis on involving students who were not only the academic elites, but also the average and below performers. However, what makes Talentify truly unique is that it is equipped to take a student straight from a classroom set up to job placement and sets them off on the right foot in their career.

Istar initially came to Parallel Labs for an audit of Talentify. The audit uncovered significant issues in various parts of the app, starting from the navigation to the presentation of content.

Over time it became clear that the app suffered from several “big-picture” issues which needed to be addressed.

  • There were serious issues with brand language and visual finesse
  • The content was hard to find and difficult to navigate. In some respects, a physical textbook outperformed the app in the ease of navigability.
  • The app failed to engage the students in its material. When the app fails to engage and doesn’t providing appropriate feedback, the student lacks motivation to continue using the app.
  • Feedback on a student’s performance was confusing in its delivery, to say the least.
  • The app was steeped in bugs on the development front

Several sets of wireframes later and after a lot of simplification, we had decided on the basic structure of the app. It would consist of 5 tabs — Tasks, Roles, Challenges, Jobs and Calendar. All of these tabs are meant to work seamlessly with each other with the Tasks tab forming the backbone of the app.

We set out to make an app that would engage students and serve them as a companion through their classroom sessions.

Wireframes of the Tasks tab, Roles tab, Challenges tab, Jobs tab and Calendar respectively.

All the tasks for the day would be presented in the form of cards which would be daily updated. Things such as Reports which was rife with unwanted information was greatly reduced to its essential core. Feedback would be presented to the student at every step to provide positive reinforcement.

A robust gamification system was built which would keep the student engaged through the duration of the course

Without engagement the app would sit in its shelf and catch dust. To avoid that, we crafted a robust gamification system with Experience points (XP) which a student can gather, along with a virtual currency coins. Challenges were also introduced where the students could compete in real-time to simulate the competitive environment of the classroom.

As we redesigned Talentify, we did not mince words — employability was the primary objective.

Everything about Talentify is centered around the student’s career path. Instead of courses, the student takes on a Role such as a Mutual Fund Planner or Interface designer, depending on his interest. In the same vein, the job portal is crystal clear in job openings and what is expected of the student in order to put forward a competitive profile to the recruiters. A bot would aid the communication between prospective employee and recruiter.

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