Go from idea to design to prototype in a matter of months days.

A Design Sprint is a revolutionary new design process devised to build entirely new products or improve existing ones. This technique has proved its benefits to thousands of organisations worldwide. A design sprint squeezes five months worth of progress into an intense five days, saving everybody time and money.

Why a design sprint?

A design is designed to do a few things, and to do those things really well. During a sprint the product goes through several cycles of iteration and testing. Whether you come to us with a brand new product concept, a new feature or a reimagining of an existing product, a design sprint will take you from idea to a testable prototype in a week or less.

A design sprint is designed to —

Test high-stakes ideas

Validate quickly

Get you unstuck

Instead of sinking a fortune into product development right away and realising your product needs rebuilding after six months, the value proposition is first tested and validated in the market during the week-long sprint.

What happens in a sprint?

In order to arrive at tangible results in a week, we set ourselves on a challenge and get together a team of the right people each of whom has a unique contribution to make to process.
is about setting goals for the product and getting together a band of experts to learn all you can about the product and its market.
(Client-in house)
is about inspiration and remixing thoughts to arrive at brand new solutions. This is done through a specialised four-step ideation process.
(Client-in house)
is about critique and decision to reach the solution that has the best chance to achieve your long term goal.
(Client-in house)
is about putting all our ideas together and building the solution into a high-fidelity digital prototype which feels and behaves like the end-product.
is about testing the prototype in the market with real customers. We observe them as they use the prototype and listen to what they have to say.

What do you get out of a sprint?

At the end of five days you can expect a working customer-tested prototype of your product. Putting together the insights gained from the process and talking to real customers you get a solid roadmap of where to take your product. The best step forward may be another sprint with a more specific goal than the previous or iterating the prototype further to polish the concept.

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