SmartCEO is a leading magazine in India primarily read by CXOs across industries. The magazine was primarily a print magazine and the digital presence was weak. With the changing patterns of content consumption and users moving away from print, it was strategically a very important step to revamp the digital presence.

Alongside this revamp, SmartCEO came up with the idea of creating branded theme/industry based channels and thereby giving users a personalised experience catered to their interests. The concept sounded interesting and we designed the entire experience around a social experience of following channels of interest and getting a personalised feed of content based on users’ interests.

smartceo screen

Typography and Layout to aid readability

On a blog/magazine with long form content, the most important aspect of design is for it to have a soothing and comfortable reading experience. Hence we chose a modern yet minimal layout for the article screen which has a very focussed content area, doesn’t have more than 10 words in a row and type that looks great and is easy on eyes.

smartceo screen

Sponsored channels around a theme

Channels are a collection of articles being published by a dedicated editorial team around a certain theme or industry. Also, Sponsored channels opened an opportunity for companies to promote thought leadership around their area of interest.

smartceo screen

Subscription for Print Version

Visual Designs for subscribing to the print version are our personal favorites. Our goal was to make the form which is typically boring visually appealing through layout & typography.

Form image

Archive of Magazine View

The primary experience of the site was around a personalised experienced through channels but it also supports a magazine view where it has collections of articles published in respective months, in the print edition.

Archive image
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