Pink n Blu is a parenting companion for parents. It has three core objectives to help parents:

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Research is the key when Bachelors design a parenting app

We generally believe in “Just Enough Research” as a philosophy and believe in a lean approach to design where we move fast and iterate continuously, and what helps us do that is our extremely good understanding of consumer behavior.

But what do you do when you a team of bachelors in their twenties gets on to design a parenting app. Hence, it was a project which needed research into parenting. It was great fun talking to parents understanding the issues they face in parenting, how do they share responsibilities and what can make their life simpler.

Family Owned Kids Profiles and On-boarding

Pink n Blu has a unique onboarding and account structure. Since most children profiles on the app are of minors across different age groups typically from 0-8 years, the profile of a child has to be created by a parent. At the same time, we wanted parents to share reminders, moments and a lot of other information about their kid. Hence, we designed an account creation process where parents sign up for themselves and create profile of their kids and they can invite others to manage their kids’ profile like the spouse, siblings, nanny etc. and jointly share moments and responsibilities.

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It has to be a tab bar when everything is important

App had a combination of discovery elements and three key call to actions. The discovery elements were activity, resources, chat and experiences. Actions were to create a Reminder, Experience or a Moment. Hence after lot of exploration we came up with a hybrid tab bar which uses a combination of tab bar along with a floating action button as per Google’s Material design guidelines.

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Facilitating discussions about information in chat

With the intent of making discussions in chats with friends and groups more meaningful and contextual, we added a discussion workflow which allows sharing a listing on chat and discussion around it easy.

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