Housejoy approached us to design the experience for their website which is primarily targeted at first time users, with a strategy of getting user to download native apps for subscriptions, easier tracking and other incentives.

Website focussed on new Users

Instead of going app only, a seamless booking experience on desktop and mobile web was equally important since home services is a new segment in the indian market and the website experience needed to communicate the value proposition, pricing and let users make their first booking easily, without having to download the app.

The key challenges included creating design patterns that allow different workflows for each service type while still making the overall experience seamless, and automating workflow for subjective tasks where the cost differs from case to case which would have otherwise resulted in manual intervention by customer care.

Housejoy screen

Vertical landing screen with services

Each vertical has its own landing screen showcasing services, how it works and benefits. Here is the screen we designed for the beauty services.

Housejoy screen

Seamless Checkout with in-page Cart

We didn’t want to complicate the workflow for users by a traditional shopping workflow of adding to a cart, then going to a cart and checking out. Hence, we tried to create an alternate checkout workflow where we show added services in a mini-cart in the sidebar and a seamless checkout flow.

Housejoy screen

Order Details with Messaging

Since many of the services required a workflow which needed inspection before sharing a quote, we included messaging for updates on costs and being able to approve the quoted price by technician after inspection.

Client image

It was a pleasure working with the team at Parallel Labs. They're creative, timely and understanding! They just kept delighting us with some great concepts & visual designs that made a difference to our overall product.

The best part? They extend their support understanding business needs even after the contract! We have been so impressed by the service offered by the Parallel Labs team. It's a pleasure to deal with them - nothing is ever too much hassle to sort out.

Thanks again to Robin and the Parallel Labs team for the tremendous support. Excellent service. Highly recommended!

Nirmal K, Consultant

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