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Explara was a one-stop event platform, one of the first few do-it-yourself platforms in a world that has democratised event organising. Explara and Parallel Labs go way back where both were early stage startups sharing an office space. We have been their design partner for three years now and have been with them as they have pivoted from being an experience discovery platform to being a suite of apps of organisers of any kind of event.

expalara movies screen
expalara movies screen

Cutting out extras in the flow brought more people around

People love browsing for local experiences on the move and hence the mobile experience was of paramount importance. It complemented the desktop experiences but was completely different and designed for discovery on mobile.

Instead of a typical hamburger menu, we used a floating action button to browse categories as we wanted it to be the prime action everytime people fire the app. This design was also covered in many design magazines among innovative usages of FAB.

expalara movies screenFeatured on OneExtraPixels
explara discovery

Personalization was the key to an engaging experience

Website primarily targeted first time users who needed to be engaged to explore experiences in the city. The way we tried to do that was by creating a curated experience with collections, featured experiences and trending movies in their city. And right when they were on board, we nudged them to sign-up and share their interests for a personalised experience.

explara discovery

Now, they are no longer a discovery platform. They have pivoted to being a all in one solution for event organisers. We helped them build a website for the new platform. Check it out

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