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In late 2016, Explara pivoted from being an experience discovery platform to a one-stop-shop for all things events and developed a suite of nine different solutions for event organisers.

The project required a strategy where the website takes a dual approach of offering a unified solution for events as well as have microsites for each product where potential clients can see features/benefits of respective products and make an educated decision on their purchase.


Brand Extension Strategy that made way for unified experience

We decided on a brand extension strategy where there would be nine microsites, one for each application and they would be extensions of brand Explara. These microsites would be distinct from each other but retain their identity as a brand extension to Explara.

Switching between micro and macro perspectives while designing can be challenging because it can get very easy to lose track of the core purpose—maintaining uniformity. This conundrum was thoroughly tackled through visual design during this exercise.


The sheer size of a website integrating nine applications, pulled up a variety of challenges. One of them was unifying the pricing because there was too much duplication that could have confused the user and ruined the experience. We looked through several use cases and simplified the pricing process, making sure the communication was crystal clear every step of the way.


Designing with Explara has always been a fun and enriching experience for us. We are happy for how they have grown as an organisation.

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