Eatfresh is an online restaurant with a daily menu of chef made meals. It’s not yet another e-commerce website where we want people to come and browse among many products and help them checkout faster. But the purpose of the website was to create an immersive experience for the users and probably make it like “Food Porn” where people want to come to the site everyday to see what's on the menu and drool over it. Hence, we took a completely un-conventional approach to the design right from navigation elements to products page and checkout.

Clutter free and vibrant homepage for a stunning first impression

The goal was to create a homepage which makes users drool over our food and with many small elements, we managed to achieve that goal.eatfresh screen

Location and Date Picker

On a food-tech site, the availability is completely dependent on delivery location of the user and instead of asking it every time, we wanted to make it really prominent. Hence, we choose a new approach to location and date picker.eatfresh

Full Screen Product Images with a slide to change feature

What could be more powerful selling point for a food-tech website and pictures of mouth watering chef made food. We designed this page to take full advantage of that and have a swift next/prev keyboard navigation as there are just 15 odd dishes in a day and we want users to get addicted to want to browse and drool over it.

Product image

Interactive Checkout Flow with micro state changes

Instead of the traditional one page checkout, we experimented a workflow with seamless micro-transitions implemented using powerful Javascript frameworks to give a swift checkout experience.


Branded Chef Profiles

The speciality of Eatfresh is the team of chefs that make the food special. We created branded pages for every chef with team along with their favorite dishes and reviews from customers.


Illustrations to make the wait worth it

After placing the order while users salivate in the wait for the food to arrive, we wanted to make that wait special with animated illustrations for order confirmation and further states.


Login Animation

We implemented some fun transitions with our chef in action on the login and signup pages.


Empty States

Empty states are like easter eggs, nobody is looking for them but it creates a wow feeling when you come across it. With illustrations extending the food theme, we tried to make them fun


Invite Friends flow

Referral is the most powerful means of acquiring new customers. We made sure it leaves a great first impression for a new visitor invited to Eat fresh and leaves a great first impression.


Mobile Experience

The interface was designed while keeping mobile experience in mind. Here are some key mobile layouts.

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