Eatfresh is a food-tech startup based out of Bangalore, delivering meals made by the best chefs in town. Being a food ordering product where the meals are so delicious, the single objective of the app was to make users drool over the food quickly and click to buy. Hence, we tried to create a minimal design and visually stimulate by using beautiful images. Here is the app at a glance:Product image

Find the right shade of green

We were parallely working on a new brand identity for eatfresh and setting the visual style for the mobile app. We tried over 10 color variants before finding the perfect shade of green and amber that everyone loved.

Activity Bar with hamburger menu on the right

Eatfresh workflow is very simple and they have a new menu everyday containing 15-20 items. Users can use filters like Veg, Non-Veg, Desserts to refine the results and it didn’t need categories or other filters.

Unlike other applications, the navigation menu on Eatfresh was secondary and had some priority features like MyOrders, Settings etc. The availability of food items was dependent on the exact location and therefore it was very important that the user always browse the menu for the correct location.eatfresh

We designed a new approach to navigation with address option on left and navigation and filters on the right which solves the business objective of making the users always have correct location and also have fair visibility to hamburger menu.

Visually stimulating Interactions with the Zoom concept

We wanted to make users drool over food and were looking to use interactions to achieve that. The concept of zooming into food sounded exciting and we designed interactions which depicted that when a user goes from home screen to the product details screen.

Product image

Making Food worth the wait using Illustrations

The most exciting part of the customer experience here was not on the app but the wait between ordering the food and actually getting it. We wanted to capture the imagination of people and build up excitement before the food actually gets delivered.

Hence, we used animated illustrations in-line with the concept of a chef making the food specially for you and a rider bringing it.

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