As a design consulting firm, we are always in search for an opportunity to do something different and challenging. Which is why when Sportsie approached us to redesign the game, being avid gamers we were thrilled about the prospect of designing it.

Design a game is a completely different ball game. Unlike designing experiences for apps or websites where the focus is to make it simple and no-brainer, game design needs a completely opposite approach where you need to reveal information in learners and not be the obvious. Predictability and standards kill a app experience and hence being used to designing UX for apps, we had a lot to unlearn which made it even more fun.

It all started with an Audit of the current app to identity problems with experience

cricbet screen
  • It doesn’t have the cheerful personality a game needs to have and has a rather serious and corporate look and feel.
  • It has a very linear flow where a user needs to pick a category every time to play a quiz. A game needs to be interactive and facilitate discovery.
  • Home screen is too cluttered without any grouping of relevant items and hierarchy. It fails to provide a sense of direction to the user.
  • Icons are doing a bare minimum to represent the context and lack character of their own.

We also spoke to 3 users of the app to get insights. These were diverse users right from someone who was new to the app to a betting pro who also happened to be the highest buyer of virtual money on the platform.

User image

Rahul Lalwani

He's been playing for over 2 months
Has referred many friends to join
Never bought credits

User image

Shubh Mehra

Played very actively during IPL
Made multiple in-app purchases
Used to do real-betting earlier

User image

Paresh Machhi

Signed up on 3rd July. Just completed the tutorial - but never placed any bets. We haven't talked to him earlier. Hasn't come back after 3rd July.

The mystery of wireframing a game

Defining the workflow for the project and wireframing the experience was tough. At every step, we would have to stop ourselves on trying to simplify the workflow and work tangentially on what can be done to gamify the experience.

cricbet screen

Exploring a visual style that is vibrant yet soothing

Here are some directions we explored on the visual side. It needed to be fun, vibrant yet not draining as cricket fans use the game throughout the day during a match.




Ubuntu, Bold, 32px

Misson Report, December 16, 1991.

- Baron Zemo, Captian America : Civil War

Ubuntu, Light, 20px

You did not see that coming?

- Quicksilver, Avengers - Age of Ultron

Designing a interactive flow and not just screens

Designing a game is all about interactions and it needs a completely different approach. Instead of designing screens independently, we crafted interactions and screens that flow from one to the other with seamless transitions.

Navigation Patterns that are beyond hamburger menus and tabs

Standard navigation patterns didn’t work for Sportsie because the requirements were complex. Here are some navigation patterns we designed for Sportsie.

Cricbet screenCricbet screen

Realtime experience to bet on every ball

Ball by ball gaming mode was the most interesting playing mode for the game where players can play with a group of 5-6 random players or with their own friends and bet on every ball. The idea was to bring the excitement people have while watching a live match on television to the playground and engage them to predict what happens on the next ball. Since it was a high engagement mode where players bet on every ball and we wanted to show what other 5 players are betting on, we chose a landscape view for this mode. Visually the idea was to replicate the metaphor of watching the match from a stadium.

Client image

We loved working with Parallel Labs for the complex task of redesigning the app grounds up based on user-feedback. The team was attentive to our requirements, suitably adaptive and above all were very excited to work on the Sportsie game. Highly recommended.

Pratik Shah, Founder

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