Chai Point mobile app is for users who use it for their daily chai. Hence, ordering Chai on the app should be as simple and effortless as calling your neighbouring Chai Wala.

E-commerce UX is a no brainer but the objective was to optimize the experience to speed up the checkout for the daily user. Hence, we looked towards stats to get insights towards how should we approach the UX and analyzed following data points:

  1. Top Selling Beverages and Sizes
  2. Top Selling Food Items & Quantities
  3. Repeat Orders
  4. Products typically ordered together

Single Screen Chai Selection

Based on the stats, we realized that just 3 flavours of Chai accounted for more than 80% of sales on the app. Hence, after lot of experiments we came up with a design for the chai selection screen where we combined 21 SKU with 7 flavours and 3 sizes in one screen for a super fast chai selection flow.

chaipoint screen

Combos with the tea of your choice

Chai Point had pre-defined combos with a combination of a specific food item and a specific flavour of Chai which seemed quite constraining and ineffective because it didn’t cater to different tea preferences of people.

Hence, we created a workflow where you can pick a chai of your choice irrespective of the combo chosen.

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