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Chai Point is India’s largest chai cafe and their philosophy, "India Runs On Chai" is on point. In 2016, their digital business started showing trends of huge potential and they felt it was the right time to upgrade their digital presence across web & mobile and approached Parallel Labs to help with this goal.

chaipoint landing page
chaipoint mobile landing page

Users should be able to order chai in 30 seconds

This was the most important design objective, as told by Chai Point founder Amuleek Bijral. Analysing Chai Point’s sales statistics revealed interesting patterns.

chaipoint mobile landing page

3 flavours of Chai contributed over 75% to revenues compared to 30 other items including breakfast, snacks and shakes.

chaipoint mobile landing page

50% of users orders were repeated, suggesting we should bring in online subscriptions

chaipoint mobile landing page

30% of users ordered a beverage and food together which gave insights into interesting ideas for combos that would work

We managed to combine 21 SKUs into one item for express selection of Chai.

Before the designing the website and the accompanying app, we had to do some housekeeping. Over 75% revenues were being contributed by three chai flavours so the mobile app was primarily targeted at these repeat users who come often to order their favorite chai. We designed a unique experience for this use case where we managed to integrate over 21 Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) in one screen by bifurcating these SKUs into 7 flavors with three sizes.


Unlike the app, website had a bigger mandate to not only help users order their chai online but to tell the Chai Point story and communicate their offline offerings as well.

We needed to tell the customers about world’s best tea vending machine called “BoxC “ which is an IOT driven system and managed by Chai Point. It also had to draw attention to curated collection of gourmet tea from the best tea estates in india, help them locate their nearest chai point store. It was a balance of a website optimised for quick conversions, fast checkout and efficient marketing.

chaipoint BoxC
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