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To date, most small businesses don’t have an online presence especially in developing economies. India alone has over 51 million small businesses who can’t afford the cost of setting up a site and maintaining it. And that’s where website builders come in. There are dozens of website builders such as ones by Google, Wix and Squarespace not to mention the rudimentary builders provided by every domain seller too. While they have done a decent job of helping the tech-savvy build their websites. they do not cater as well to small businesses who do not fall under this category. Boomer Marketing is trying to solve this exact problem in creating the world’s simplest mobile first website builder.


Studying the original app’s usage patterns, our analytics suggested that there was a problem in the onboarding funnel and a lot of users were dropping off at different steps of the signup process. In order to solve this systemic issue, we decided on a five-day design sprint to jump-start the redesign process. We had an exciting team for the sprint including Arun (Founder), Kanna (Head of Engineering) and Binay (Marketing Consultant) and UX designers from the team.

We started the sprint with a tweet that describes product vision as “Get your brand online. Build a website in minutes.”

During the rigorous five day process, we managed to re-imagine the workflow of the app. The key outcomes of the sprint were:

The key to lowering the drop-off rate and increasing engagement was to get the user to the website creation phase as quickly as we could.

The new workflow put off registration until the very end by which time the user would already have had a taste of the platform’s capabilities.

boomer60% users dropping off before exploring themesboomer20% increase in retention with the new flow

The wireframes of the brand new workflows were tested with the target demographic. This included owners of boutiques, jewellery shops and restaurants to begin with.

We proceeded with a complete revamp of UX and visual designs for the app by fleshing out the new workflows further and give it a visual makeover making it modern and sleek. The other aspect which makes Boomer really simple to use is the fact that we have completely separated the presentation layer of the app with the content. Content would be updated in respective sections for modules they need on their website and the app takes care of layout while giving ample options to style using colors, typography and images.

To actually deliver on the promise of creating stunning websites, we needed equally well done themes which work according to the framework and customizations on the app.

We designed carefully thought themes with standardized settings which work in synergy with the app making sure users don’t end up creating ugly websites when they actually add the content or make changes in styles.

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