One of the key branding goals was to position Housejoy as a professional and high quality service and not another marketplace for home services. Hence, we decided to give it a little sophisticated look and feel.


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Hex #009688
RGB 252 196 0
Hex #FCC400
RGB 96 97 99
Hex #606163


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Appliances icon
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Express multi-select experience instead of shopping Cart

We wanted to let the users select multiple services, see details about each, select quantities etc. without complicating it and making it a shopping cart.

After multiple iterations and explorations, we came to this accordion based multi-select interaction which is fast and fun to use.

iPhone animated image

Alternative Booking Flow for Simple Tasks

A quick & simple approach to share details about the job and encourage optional details like photographs to help the visiting staff be better prepared for the task with essential tools and spares.

iPhone image


With multiple home services across 15+ categories and recurring tasks like Laundry, Fitness classes etc, the app intends to become your goto place for all your home service needs and hence we conceptualized a appointments section which lists all your appointments in chronological order and is easily accessible from the home screen.

iPhone image

Empty States

Empty screens with custom illustrations to bring a smile to users’ face every time they hit one.

iPhone image

Collecting Feedback

For a highly people dependent service like Home Services, maintaining quality and customer experience consistently is one of the biggest challenges and hence we needed to design a experience for collecting regular feedback without making it boring rating based system.

Hence, we instead chose to collect feedback using 3 simple question cards which are visually fun to use and don’t seem like too much work. Questions being very specific are directly plugged as triggers to customer care team which takes up issues like provider being late as high priority tasks.

iPhone image


It was a pleasure working with the team at Parallel Labs. They're creative, timely and understanding! They just kept delighting us with some great concepts & visual designs that made a difference to our overall product.

The best part? They extended their support understanding business needs even after the contract! We have been so impressed by the service offered by the Parallel Labs team. It's a pleasure to deal with them - nothing is ever too much hassle to sort out.

Thanks again to Robin and the Parallel Labs team for the tremendous support. Excellent service. Highly recommended!

Author's pictureNirmal K Housejoy.
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